Tax Services

We all have many different personal reasons for wanting and needing to accumulate savings and investments and there are many products available – ISA’s, pension plans, bonds, unit trusts etc. – to help achieve your personal goals.  We are accredited by the Financial Services Authority and Bank of England.

Our expert advisors are familiar with the entire range of products available and are able to advise on the best solution to meet your needs. All of our advisors are trained to a high standard through our rigorous accreditation course in partnership with the LSE.

What ever reason you require insurance – peace of mind protection for you and your loved ones, life cover for a mortgage- our advisors at Tax UK ]are highly skilled and with years of experience in obtaining insurance for the community, as well as survivors of transplant, major surgery, cancer and mental health issues. For more information visit Association of British Insurers. We handle a variety of financial matters including:

  • Pension arrangements
  • Savings schemes
  • Retirement planning
  • ISA / PEP investment
  • Residential care schemes
  • Bonds
  • Inheritance planning
  • Investing for income
  • Unit / investment trusts
  • Offshore investments
  • Tax planning
  • Protection schemes
  • School fees planning

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